About us

Have you ever gone through a bad breakup?  Flunked a course?  Have you lost a job, or over drafted your bank account?

Sometimes, the best way to get over it is to take the FISHMO approach.  In the Urban Dictionary, FISHMO stands for F*@k It, S#!t Happens, Move On!  When bad things happen, sometimes you just have to shrug and FISHMO.

This doesn’t apply only to the big stuff.  We all go through it – I burnt dinner, I lost my car keys, my jeans don’t fit anymore…FISHMO!  Move on!  All of it happens to all of us.

That’s why we want to remind you to let it roll off your shoulders and move on – with FISHMO tee shirts and stickers.  Spread the good word!  We feature the mature F-bomb versions for the bold, and an all audiences version – Face It; Stuff Happens; Move On – for, well, everyone!

We all have to deal with FISHMO issues.  Big or small, the bottom line is that when “Shit,” or “Stuff,” happens, you’ve gotta do your best to move on!