From Brick To Brand

FISHMO got started back in 2014 when our founder, Pete Sommerfeldt, on a visit to Georgetown, DC, spotted a single brick atop a fireplace mantle with the word FISHMO stamped on it. Legend has it that the acronym was originally coined by US Special Forces during the Vietnam War and stands for "Face It. Shit Happens. Move On." It instantly stuck with Pete, as he thought, “man, we all have our own shit!”

Pete traveled back to his former home in Virginia Beach giving much thought to FISHMO, and within two weeks decided to start a brand to spread the FISHMO mindset.

Pete, who is bipolar, decided that the company, FISHMO, would have a meaningful impact. In addition to spreading a positive message through the brand’s acronym, that meant including using proceeds to support those who live with mental illness.

Pete started operating on a shoestring budget and guerrilla marketing tactics.
He gave out roughly 700 tee shirts and 10,000 stickers in order to build the FISHMO fan base. Nearly everyone he approached with the FISHMO concept related to it. It wasn't until Pete got locked up during a manic episode (shit happens) that he was forced, due to having years of time on his hands, to slow down and put a plan in place. While locked up, he received stickers in the mail from his mom and gave them out to fellow inmates, guards, and staff, along with sending out hundreds of pieces of mail with FISHMO art and stickers enclosed, as well as drawn on the backs of envelopes... he never stopped marketing.

Today, we continue to follow Pete's mission to help people feel better about themselves and the obstacles they encounter, while empowering them to continue taking positive action towards a better future.

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